Acne Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Pore

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Acne Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Pore

Acne Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Pore


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Description: This product is a beauty device that has functions of skin-smoothing, acne removing, skin firming, pore cleasing and comedo suction. Comes with 4 beauty heads, which can offer different functions and offer a deeper clean for your facial skin. It is rechargeable, easy and convenient to use. Helps remove the pores, blackheads, wrinkles on your face and keep your skin clean, making skin smooth to be rejuvenated.

This technology is not invasive and allergic, which sucks or rubs off the top skin layer to vacuum out the particles along with dirt. So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss such a good chance.

-Can be used to remove blackhead, acne and clean face deeply and it is suitable for treating dry skin, sagging skin, dull skin and also wrinkles, increasing blood circulation in the skin and keeping young.

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